Saturday, 25 July 2009


Blurry photo of me standing in front of 'The Day Dream' by Dante Gabriel Rossetti.. Just getting in a bit of culture in in the V & A!

Colonel Mustard

Here's some pics of the Colonel Mustard show at the Scottish Arts Club.

The wall my framed prints were hung on.. hanging all 8 as a set worked out well I used the similar idea I had used in an exhibition previously in the year. The prints were all based on small drawings I had done of elements of architecture and the city. Some were transposing drawings into print form and using the textures of soft ground as well as elements of chance to create textures, some were made up on the plate using imaginary elements I drew automatically.

Other works hung, including Catriona Simpson, Scott McCracken & Allan Robertson. The club's decor and atmosphere are very traditional however they let us hang there!

Another view of the framed prints. Titled 'Concrete Geometry' as a set

View along the wall of the club opposite my works, with paintings by Scott McCracken and Allan Robertson.

The chairs in the club are quite peculiar... The artists enjoying some drinks

Saturday, 4 July 2009

Colonel Mustard!

I have an exhibition currently on at the Scottish Arts Club on Rutland Square called 'Colonel Mustards Tea Party'. It showcases new, old and degree show work by 5 artists.

The show runs until the 20th of July, please do try to get along!

I am exhibiting with fellow artists Scott McCracken, Catriona Reid, Allan Robertson and Catriona Simpson.

(Contact Details)

Scottish Arts Club,

24 Rutland Square,

Edinburgh EH1 2BW

Tel: (0) 131 229 8157