Friday, 13 November 2009

Stone Carving

Just a quick update. I was in Wells Cathedral the other day and saw some very beautiful, ancient stone carvings. They are effigy's of the ancient Bishops of Wells. The carving of the figures is exact, the detail and elegance of them was striking. Their age was amazing as well, some over 500 years old.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Old Artworks

Here are some old artworks I have made over the past few years and given to my parents. I was interested how they had been framed and how this had really made some of the pictures into something quite different. I have never really thought about framing, it always seemed a little fuddy duddy to me, it does however make some things I have done (particularly the ones rough around the edges which with some older things I have done is most...) look a lot better.

Hard Ground etching on Hannemule paper. Early 2008 I think.. The date's on the back under framing! I like the colour of the frame matched the ink used in the print. It's of a forest near where my parents stay in Cornwall called Tehidy Wood. It has some very unusual snake like coppiced trees growing there. I think this was the third print I ever made, it's interesting how your style changes.

Grandad (2007) a picture of my Grandad for my mum. The crazy colours above Grandads head perhaps a sign of something to come. Again it's interesting how as an artist your style and competence develops.

Forest path 2007. The technique I used to make this painting is one I have used on others in subtle areas and it's one I like. Without getting into unnecessary detail it involves paint and varnish.. There, no unnecessary details. The subject is a forest path near Dundee with sharp contrast between light and dark. I really like the framing, I picked it and never saw it after I left Cornwall that summer so last week was the first time I have seen it in over a year. I will definitely remember this method of framing for the future.

Ardnamurachan 2007. Acrylic on board. Done after visiting the place that year, very beautiful I remember it from when i went there first time.

In case you are worried I have given up my older subjects and interests for woodlands from recent posts, fear not! I always seemed to make these paintings of more 'natural' subjects over summer to augment my other painting interests. I suppose they are more personal, I don't think I have ever showed these in public. Regardless I have so many, so many, so many ideas most of which are ludicrous and massive which I plan to make once I have a studio/metal/cogs.....

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Wells Update

I am still in Wells, it has been great so far. I am using my time to document what I see and try to do as many paintings as I can (out of a suitcase that isn't always easy but it is fun). Anyway here are some pics I have taken in the past couple of weeks