Saturday, 23 April 2011

Scratching the Surface... Part 2!

The second part of our exhibition Scratching the Surface took place at the Arts Complex in St Margarets House, near Meadowbank Stadium Edinburgh. This exhibition showcased smaller works (in the case of Allan and Scott) compared to the last exhibition.

I used it as an opportunity to show works on copper previously exhibited, as well as a new painting on copper.

A view of one of the walls showing works by (from left to right) Allan, Scott, Allan, me, Scott and Allan. The works by Allan are mostly watercolour on prints and Scotts are acrylic on canvas. My painting is oil and enamel on copper. The size of the space was unexpected however it did give us an opportunity to spread the work out more.

A view of the wall on which I hung my copper pieces with a work by Allan (far left) and works by Scott (second from right) and Allan (far right).

Another shot of the space with my works and various works by Allan, Scott and myself.

Works by Allan (far left), myself, Scott, Allan and Scott again (far right).

Various works by Allan and Scott on the walls of the gallery. The space was both interesting and tricky in displaying art works as it had been previously an office, therefore the walls were both long and very bitty.

Works by Scott (left), Allan (middle) and Scott (right).

The main space of the gallery which was very light, being on the third floor.

Another shot of the works by Scott (left), Allan (middle) and Scott (right).