Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Making of It.. Opening

The opening for 'The making of it' was very successful, despite the truly abysmal weather! There was a great turn out with many people braving the torrential rain to come. The performance piece by Dominik Lipp and Bruno Schlatter went very well too with much participation. The event was filmed and I will post the video once someone sends it to me.

People generally milling around the exhibition. Note Martin Campbells coloured wax bowls on the right, he will be doing an interactive workshop with the public on Saturday.

The performance being set up via Skype.

Bruno and Dominik.

The performance involved Dominik and Bruno giving instructions to members of the public they chose (via a camera on our end so they could see the crowd) who they then told to draw certain things on to the board they were being projected onto. This continued until the board had been covered and at the end of the night when everything was shut off the final results could be seen.